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Fallin was the least popular governor in the United States as of , but Oklahoma voters have elected another Republican, Kevin Stitt, to replace her. But Oklahoma has also worked to try to create state-based health care reform solutions within the framework of the ACA. In , Oklahoma submitted a waiver proposal to CMS, seeking federal pass-through funding for a reinsurance program and the state was planning extensive additional reform via additional waivers that were to be submitted subsequently. Oklahoma enacted another bill, in , authorizing the state to seek federal funding for a reinsurance program, but the state did not submit a waiver proposal in , so there is still no reinsurance program in Oklahoma as we head into Although Oklahoma tends to defer to the federal government on health care reform issues, the state has fairly strict regulations for short-term health insurance plans. Short-term plans in Oklahoma cannot last more than six months, and cannot be renewed. Read more about short-term health insurance in Oklahoma. Governor Kevin Stitt wants to audit Medicaid in Oklahoma , but plans to continue to reject federal funding to expand Medicaid Business Mailing Address:

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