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Park Duvalle Community Health. Family Health Center- East Broadway. Family Community Clinic. Family Health Center - Iroqouis. Family Health Center - Americana.

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The Accelerated MPH program is available only to students who have at least two years of substantial healthcare experience. The General Public Health Program offers students broader participation in the field of public health as well as formal training in the methods and substantive areas of public health; moreover, it provides a superb foundation for medical education. Please see here for more information regarding admissions eligibility, application requirements, admissions timelines, and tuition and fees. The program will train students to understand and communicate the effects of exposure to toxic substances from the environment on human health, assess risk and vulnerabilities, devise strategies to minimize exposure, and develop remedies in response to exposure to environmental hazards Each medical practice, hospital and health system faces unique challenges in gaining momentum on key initiatives, regardless of reimbursement models

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