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The funding freeze was based in part on an audit, most of which was released for the first time Thursday, albeit with redactions. The chaotic transition a state agency forced last year from 15 New Mexico-based health organizations to five Arizona companies had many problems, an annual audit has found. Last year, a contractor hired by the N. As the state froze funding to those 15 organizations, referred the findings to law enforcement, and shuffled contracts to the Arizona providers, many patients experienced service disruptions. The office of State Auditor Hector Balderas oversaw the annual audit. The auditing firm stood by its report. For example, state law and regulations give HSD five years to identify and recover Medicaid overpayments, and the agency stated that it is providing oversight by acting to recover the money within that timeframe Identify eligibility for services and benefits

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You may also self-enroll in the patient portal by going to CovenantHealth. Next, you will choose how you want to verify your account: Decline to have a medical resident or student participate in your care

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