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Health disparities in the United States are, unfortunately, nothing new. For example, Black women are four times more likely to die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth than White women are. Women use more health services than men and pay more for the medical care, and — because they earn less money than men — are less able to afford the care as well. A new study published in the June issue of Health Affairs offers startling statistics on the degree of health disparities between Americans of different socioeconomic status. Compared to the wealthiest third of Americans, people in the poorest third are far more likely to have health problems and far less likely to have access to health care or to receive high quality care. Other high-income countries have wide disparities in one or two of these areas, but the United States stands out as the only high-income country with large disparities by all three measures. The research was done prior to the implementation of the ACA in This disparity in perceived health is the third largest of all countries studied, surpassed only by Chile and Portugal Thank you, thank you, thank you, all!!!November 20, I am so thankful for Dr

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