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Rachel Stein has more than 14 years of in-house and agency experience developing communications campaigns and media relations strategies that directly impact sales growth. Her responsibilities included overseeing content curation, public relations, advertising, marketing, brand management, and social media. Rachel started her career at Bock Communications, a high-tech PR agency in Orange County, where she developed and executed global media and analyst relations programs. Tim worked as a medical technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal for eight years, where he profiled hundreds of privately held pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies. He also wrote extensively about the investment strategies of venture capital firms that back technology startups. He maintains close ties to his former WSJ colleagues, some of whom have moved on to editorial and managerial roles at other publications that lead in business and technology coverage. Since moving into public relations and media strategy in , he has helped medical technology companies obtain coverage by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MedCityNews and other outlets. She has built her career around transforming how brands represent themselves on social media with an emphasis on engagement and community building Exhibit Branding

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While epidemiologists may get the most attention, there are a host of health scientists who do the research that fuels global public health. From direct research in the field to laboratory studies to community interviews and surveys, health scientists are finding solutions to the public health problems that plague humanity on a global scale. Health scientists are responsible for conducting studies, analyzing results, developing new methodologies, and cooperating with government and NGOs to communicate their findings. The field, and the experience, depends entirely on where a health scientist wants to work, whether in the field, in a laboratory, or in an academic position. Many health scientists work in academic settings or for private research centers, often with grants from the government or organizations like the Gates Foundation, but many others work directly for organizations like the CDC or UN. An advisor is not precisely a manager, making sure every member of the team does their job; rather, the job of a public health advisor is to synthesize all of the research, policies, regulations, and actions of the various programs to make sure that projects stay on target. They coordinate with partners to develop strategies for taking on the issues at hand

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