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HSE Guidance. Back to. Guidance Basics for your business Getting help with health and safety When and how to get competent help Prepare a health and safety policy What a policy is and how it helps you manage health and safety First aid in work Advice on your first aid kit, training workers and appointing first aiders Display the law poster You must display the poster or give workers the equivalent leaflet. Provide information and training Tell your workers what their health and safety duties are Have the right workplace facilities Have toilets, washbasins and other welfare facilities workers need Report accidents and illness You must report certain injuries, near misses and work-related illnesses to HSE. Manual handling at work Protect your workers from the risks from manual handling. Display screens DSE Protect regular users of PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones Basics for your business Where to start with health and safety and some basic legal requirements Lone workers Protect unsupervised workers including those who work from home or travel Selvaraj et al

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Although acute inflammation is an important immune process, sustaining high levels of inflammation long-term can worsen symptoms of autoimmune disease and contribute to conditions like heart disease and cancer. Filling up on antioxidants is an effective strategy to help reduce inflammation and fight free radical damage. Superoxide dismutase SOD , in particular, is an antioxidant compound that relies on the presence of manganese to operate We do not sell insurance products, but this form will connect you with partners of healthinsurance