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Abrazo Health provides an easy way to view your hospital bills onlinFind the login page for the Online Patient Portal that allows you to access medical records and hospital information. Play Video. Insurances Accepted The following is a list of the insurance plans we accept. Request Medical Records We protect your healthcare information in compliance with federal and state requirements

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The houses of faith are the primary resource for volunteer doctors, nurses and other lay volunteers who, through their faith commitment, regularly staff a health center, which typically are open several evenings each week. Currently a local school, church, mosque or community agency houses the health center by donating clinic space in existing facilities that are available during certain hours. Area hospitals accept referrals without compensation for routine laboratory and radiology services. In many cases, county health agencies provide follow-up and specialty services for patients who need more advanced care, such as neurological or orthopedic consultation and even surgery. Founded in by Dr. Rick Baxley, we began as an evening medical clinic at a local homeless shelter in Orlando, Florida. Over the years, we have grown to address multiple areas in health care, centralized within our main clinic building, Orange Blossom Family Health, located just a few blocks west of downtown Orlando

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