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The moon-shaped fruit is not only rich in vitamin C, but it also provides us with unexpected benefits — from our immune system to our metabolism. Lauren Blake , a registered dietician at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, believes we should opt for the pink- and red-colored varieties to reap the most benefits of this cancer-fighting fruit. It is well known any fruit rich in vitamin C will strengthen and support our immune system. Vitamin C works with other micronutrients that provide good and regular nourishment for the body. Maintaining good levels of vitamin C in the body can reduce the severity of cold symptoms, acting as a natural antihistamine. This makes it helpful in controlling allergies, since it reduces histamine levels DOI Kent, F

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The article 10 Ways to Keep Your Health Insurance Affordable covers some good tips on managing the cost of health insurance. One major tip is shopping around for insurance. The key to getting the best prices is understanding your health insurance policy options. Out of the open enrollment period, you might have a change of personal situation that will make you eligible to qualify for a good health plan. Having a change in marital situation, where you live, if you are suddenly single or moving may all be qualifying events for health insurance

DHS updates this list regularly in an effort to include all Medicaid Excluded Providers placed on the list by authorized federal or state authorities. ExcludedProviders dhs. Last Name. First Name. Provider Organization Name. Clear Submit Complete File Cycology Studio Inc