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Efforts were made at the corporate headquarters to eradicate all signs of the prior existence of Scrushy within the company. By doing so, the company restated earnings from to The company also sold or closed many underperforming facilities, including its medical center division, in its effort to return to profitabiity. On May 15, , the company completed its goal of once again becoming a current filer with the SEC when it filed its first quarter financial result. It was the first time the company had filed a Q since its accounting scandal began Wilson was serving as President of the Board of Health

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Professional assistance will be on-site and readily available through our Personal Training desk and on-site Physical Therapy. Your membership includes access to our sauna, steam rooms, 12 person hot tub, and three spacious lounge areas. Our Mission is to help fulfill fitness goals and healthy lifestyles by providing cutting edge equipment, superior service and knowledge. Category Filter. Capital City Health Club. Visit Website. Contact Venue News Article Can you predict future brain damage?You Can Make a Difference

Our team will make recommendations that tailor care and services to meet your unique needs and ensure you receive the quality care you deserve. Patients without insurance are entitled to sliding scale fees funded through the United Way that are designed to set fair rates based on income and number of dependents United Kingdom