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Comprehensive Health Services, LLC, a Caliburn Company, supports the health and well-being of civilian and military workforce partners. We partner with commercial companies, international customers, and the U. Government to solve the highly complex, large-scale health care challenges they face by implementing and managing cost-effective, customized medical programs for large and dispersed workforces. Our technology-driven, flexible health care solutions enable us to tailor services that will ensure employers can meet the medical needs and compliance issues of their employees anywhere in the world. Our medical management solutions are technology-driven and grounded in best practices. Comprehensive Health Services leverages our unique combination of sophisticated, proprietary IT systems, best-in-class program management capabilities, specialized logistics and distribution services, and broad contracted network of medical providers to offer differentiated services. We are a leading provider of professional services and solutions to U. We provide consulting, engineering, medical, and environmental services as well as large scale program management in support of our core markets of national defense, international diplomacy, and homeland security client readiness Portland Hearing Voices

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This job comes with the responsibility of providing and coordinating patient care, along with educating patients about health conditions and providing advice and emotional support to patients and their family. Also known as medical lab scientist, this job entails collecting samples and performing tests to analyze bodily fluids i. Some states require a license as well. If you enjoy physically demanding work, getting into construction can be a good option — although it has one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction laborers typically get on-the-job training and need no formal education. In this position, you would help provide basic care for patients, whether in a hospital or in a long-term care facility like a nursing home. Nursing assistants need to complete a state-approved program and pass an exam to become certified. This job involves helping people who have disabilities, chronic illnesses or cognitive impairment with their daily living activities Learn More See all of our care services

You may leave a voice mail message during non-office hours. Provider Relations fax number is Identifies the payer name also labeled as group name or employer Contains addresses for claims submission Provides telephone numbers for: Eligibility Benefit Coverage Billing Follow-up Utilization Review. Contact the employer to verify patient compensability status. Some auto payers may distribute auto cards. These providers are listed alphabetically by specialty for each county. Medical laboratory, radiology facility and ambulatory surgery center information follows the provider listings. The following address should only be used to obtain provider specific materials or if you are having difficulties with any online resources