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As a mandated reporter, which all nursing facility employees are, be cautious on how you proceed in reporting abuse, Neglect and misappropriation of finances. If you indicate you are reporting the above after nothing has been done and you document what has occurred after going thru the chain of commands, you will be terminated. They dig things up. What do you like about working at Consulate Health Care?That is all I can say that is good. Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?What suggestions do you have for management?Worry less about your career advancement Olathe Ridgeview Olathe KS

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The minimum deductible will vary by state and policy. Just remember, the lower the deductible, the more you usually pay. Some companies offer zero deductibles or disappearing deductibles, so be sure and ask how your deductible works and if there is a minimum deductible or if you can have the option to have a zero deductible. Even though you pay more of the claim when you have a higher deductible, most people do not have claims every year. So every year you do not have a claim and take a higher deductible, you are saving that money. You can learn more about how to save money by increasing your deductible here. You can change your deductible on your insurance policy to fit your needs. If you can afford a higher deductible one year but then feel that you would like to reduce the deductible later, it is not usually a problem W Hastings Hospital on October 1, The continuity of care across the Cherokee Nation health system is now complete and is evidenced by tangible improvements to the facility and to service delivery as a whole