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To complicate matters larger health systems which may have entered rural markets with the best of intentions have begun exiting leaving many markets devoid of the services desperately needed by the surrounding communities. The presumptions of the past proven wrong many rural health systems assume that cost-cutting and contraction of services will preserve their small town hospitals and clinics. Is this the way to protect and grow rural healthcare by making small conservative changes?Is the answer to make big bold moves?Who can you trust to help salvage your healthcare?The answer is not always clear, but one thing is clear, real change is needed, and this demands real innovation and transformation. We know that to help rural healthcare organizations reinvent themselves and attain financial stability the conventional thinking of how to own, manage and operate rural health facilities has to be abandoned. We combine our experience and knowledge with bold ideas to deliver results that matter through our management and consulting, provider affinity strategies CIN or our business restructuring through real estate transactions. There has been a lot of dialogue around differing care delivery models, new compensation approaches, healthcare providers are preparing for more accountability Financial Assistance 6

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Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb. Windy Hill Clinic. Family Health Center Cobb. Golden Livingcenter Kennestone. Childrens At Cobb. Community Outreach Chiropractic Clinic. Community Health Clinic Inc Whether your family member requires live-in care or regular check-ins several times a week, our services are the answer you are looking for

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