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The mission of the Chad Brown Health Center is to provide high quality, comprehensive health care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Email address will not be published :. Display Name:. Write your comment:. Established in , we are the largest primary health-care provider in Providence and treat patients regardless of their ability to pay Job Outlook

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A screening test could also miss a problem — this is called a "false negative" and could lead to people ignoring symptoms in the future. Some screening tests can lead to difficult decisions. For example, if a pregnancy screening test tells you your baby has a higher risk of a particular condition, you may then be faced with a decision about having further diagnostic tests that involve a risk to your pregnancy. If the diagnostic test is positive, you may then need to decide whether to continue with your pregnancy. Finding out you may have a health problem can cause considerable anxiety. Even if your screening test result is normal or negative meaning you are not at high risk , you could still go on to develop the condition. How does the NHS decide which types of screening to offer?Private screening All screening tests provided by the NHS are free. Confidentiality and use of data By law, everyone working in, or on behalf of, the NHS must respect your privacy and keep all information about you safe

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