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It also has some of the largest slums in the subcontinent, with large swaths of informal dwellings suffering from limited sanitation and high poverty rates. Recently, some of the streets were given a colorful makeover, which offered a stark contrast when large parts of the city were inundated by one of the worst floods the city had ever seen. The poorest neighborhoods suffer the most from these climate-induced extreme weather events, trapping them in a vicious circle of poverty and ill health. Climate action is about people, their health and their future. By systematically including health in UN climate processes, national climate policies, as well as finance pledges, the Paris Agreement could become the strongest international health agreement of the century. With taps and wells running dry, drinking water was brought in with tankers - 17 liters per person, once every 14 days. Health benefits far outweigh the costs of transitioning to clean energy, and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement could save about a million lives a year worldwide by through reductions in air pollution alone. Quantifying the health co-benefits from taking climate actions offers a strong argument when gathering support for the transformative changes needed I accept