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Like the premium credits, the amount of cost-sharing credit you receive will be based on your income in relation to FPL. From a consumer perspective, the exchanges are about power in numbers. For instance, the American Health Benefit Exchanges are supposed to provide access to lower cost insurance plans for the uninsured because they allow individuals to join together to create a large pool of insured people. Usually, in the insurance world, the more people who are insured under any one plan, the lower the premiums for that plan. The SHOP marketplace is currently delayed until November , but businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees can apply for SHOP plans and tax breaks using a paper application for now. SHOP plans are currently open to employers with 50 or less full-time employees. In they will open to employers with or less full-time employees. Both the individual and small business exchanges are supposed to give you access to plans that have four tiers of benefits: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum View in context

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Cloud, Minn. The suit alleges CDI overbilled Medicare by upcoding procedures in order to receive bigger reimbursements. CDI also allegedly provided kickbacks to physicians for referrals and, in some cases, did not require written physician orders for some examinations, according to the suit. West further claims she was fired in retaliation for her expressing concern over the billing process. WellCare settles government investigation, class action suit related to fraudulent billing. Tampa, Fla. Department of Health and Human Services for possible investigation Evanston, IL