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The employer must notify the plan within 30 days of the qualifying event applicable to the employee. For qualifying candidates, COBRA rules provide for the offering of identical coverage to what the employer offers to its current employees. Any change in the plan benefits for the active employees will also apply to qualified beneficiaries. From the date of the qualifying event, COBRA coverage extends for a limited period of 18 or 36 months, depending upon the applicable scenarios. The term "group rate" may be incorrectly perceived as a discount offer, but in reality, it may turn out to be comparatively expensive. Therefore, despite the group rates being available for the COBRA continued plan in the post-employment period, the cost to the ex-employee may increase significantly as compared with prior insurance costs. In essence, the cost remains the same but has to be borne completely by the individual with no contribution from the employer. COBRA still remains less expensive compared to most individual health coverage plans I also changed my mindset