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Most group plans do not require a physical from their participants and many offer immediate coverage of pre-existing conditions. If a pre-existing condition is not covered immediately, there is usually a waiting period of 6 to 12 months before the condition is covered, depending on the plan. Just be aware that the healthiest members in a group plan usually end up paying higher costs for the less healthy members. If you had insurance though an employer that you no longer work for, you are guaranteed coverage via COBRA insurance. This coverage is usually available for one year after termination of employment and is certainly something that you should look into as an option for your health insurance if you can. However, HIPPA insurance coverage is very expensive and can cost upwards of a thousand dollars a month, a fee that is prohibitive for most. Speaking to one of our independent agents will help you determine which plan is best for you Brandy Jean Matusik is feeling concerned at Health Department

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