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South Carolina. The Company is categorized under Ophthalmology and Physicians. I am very impressed after a…. Dr Veera done my colonoscopy Pet Shops

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The Justice Department would not provide more information. In Massachusetts, Arbour has been cited repeatedly by state regulators over poor care and inadequate staffing at its hospitals and outpatient clinics. At Arbour-HRI two years ago, public health officials found the hospital failed to provide active treatment to some patients, whose diagnoses included bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Instead of attending group therapy, inspectors said, patients spent many hours sleeping or wandering the hallways — an allegation the company disputed. This spring, the US Supreme Court plans to review a case brought by the parents of a deceased Massachusetts teenager against Universal Health Services. Yarushka Rivera died soon after receiving care at an Arbour clinic in Lawrence. Her parents contend that the company defrauded government insurance programs by charging for services provided by therapists unqualified to care for their daughter, who was covered by Medicaid. Attorneys general have worked with the Justice Department to investigate Universal in other states

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