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Cold water has long been used as treatment for sore muscles by sports therapists and athletes. Other physical benefits of frigid H2O are said to include increased weight loss and improved skin, but there is also evidence that cold showers can help with your mental health, too We provide preventative care, education, and resources to help students live a healthy lifestyle

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See Also: Supplements to Reduce Stress. Heart disease can be caused by a wide variety of factors , including genetics, age, ethnicity, weight, cholesterol and blood pressure levels, smoking, depression and living a sedentary lifestyle. Sadly, diabetes patients also face a higher risk of developing this potentially deadly medical issue. With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that so many people seek out additional options to help them improve their heart health such as taking proven supplements. The absolute best way to reduce the risk of dying from heart related complications is to avoid behavioral risk factors such as smoking and being inactive, but combining these methods with at least one supplement can have a dramatic impact on the overall health of your heart. Figuring out which supplements to take can be difficult and even discouraging, especially when you factor in all of the misleading and conflicting information that can be found online The more toxins stored in your body, the more mentally and physically fatigued you become and the more fat your body needs to hold onto