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This valuable data forms the foundation for many of the ongoing efforts to improve health and health systems across America. This web site provides access to all Atlas reports and publications, as well as interactive tools to allow visitors to view specific regions and perform their own comparisons and analyses. The goal of one study was to develop an instrument and conduct a survey of Medicare beneficiaries, and to better understand the causes and consequences of geographic variation in per capita expenditures for Medicare beneficiaries. During each annual CMS data file update, trend files of the year-to-year counts of the diagnosis and procedure codes used in the MedPAR, Part B, and Outpatient claims files are generated. Each of the codes includes both the short and long name. Downloading, republication, retransmission or reproduction of content on this website is strictly prohibited

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The business takes advantage of the fact that there is not enough supply of medicinal and health equipments in emerging countries while the people are becoming more conscious of their health. Additionally , since the president had good connections in the area before he founded this company , the company chooses Russia as their main market

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